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It is at last this portion of the total European underground arts and music is being researched and documented, with relatively easy access to that information via the internet. France’s underground music has been the most elusive up until fairly recently, the reissue labels have done a great favor and I hope they continue to do what they do. Unless a person lived in or near a major USA city “back when”, mostly in the northeast USA, the records were difficult to find even at their time of issue.

Being a part of that era, it has been a life study since those times to try and round up as much of the music remembered from then, and seek out even more of “what happened”. It is proving to be an interesting armchair journey.

Your patience to source out and piece together the beautiful mixes on BC is much much appreciated!

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These mixes are important works of aural archaeology. Thank you for making them available to us all <3. As someone who was lucky enough to work in a huge record store for several years, the biggest lesson I learned was that, "nobody knows all the records, so be humble & listen, ask questions & grow." All of these beautiful zikzak mixes reinforce that truth so much!

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